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Jamaican Roots Travel is a boutique Travel agency, committed to customized travel created just for you. We strive to provide you with a remarkable, and memorable vacation. Experience the ultimate vacation from the moment you arrive at your destination. Jamaican Roots Travel offers something for every traveler who wants to escape the ordinary. Indulge in the culture, cuisine, entertainment, pristine beaches, mountains, rivers, waterfalls, unique landmarks, adventure, and the people wherever you go. You can experience all-Inclusive luxury, boutique hotels, rent a beautiful mansion, or go on a countryside escape. Jamaican Roots Travel can accommodate all your travel needs.

Travel planning can be stressful, overwhelming, time-consuming, and after all the effort you could still end up in a tourist trap. We believe the best travel planners are those who know a place really well and so we strive to provide you with a remarkable, and memorable vacation. While we specialize in the beautiful Island of Jamaica, we coordinate and create vacations worldwide. Let us plan your adventure of a lifetime!

Relax. Renew. Replenish

Skip all the hassle and risk of planning a trip on your own. We do the research, vetting, scheduling, and planning so all you need to do is pack your bags and get ready for your vacation! While we do not directly book airline reservations, we do make recommendations for airlines and airports. If you are interested in Jamaican Roots Travel booking your flight, we can discuss this additional option.


We partner with locals - tour guides, food experts, and travel professionals, so you get an authentic look into a destination.


Our team personally vets every experience, so you know they’ll be quality, and we provide tailored and affordable experiences for each client.

Only the

From transportation service to luxury boutique hotels and even down to the tour guides, we work with partners who have exceeding standards, so you get the most for your money. We are specialists with deep knowledge of many destinations.


Jamaican Roots Travel was created by Kim and Patrina, who share both a 20-year friendship and a love for all things travel. Their wanderlust has taken them to many exciting places around the world, they have been fortunate enough to travel as friends and with their respective families. Kim and Patrina are true Island girls, so it should come as no surprise that some of their favourite places are in the Caribbean and that none truly stands out to them as much as their home of Jamaica.

It is for this reason JRT was born so that they could help others plan their ideal unforgettable experience.



"My husband and I could not be happier with Jamaican Roots Travel! They were always available and happy to answer all our questions along the way, When we needed them to check on things or make adjustments it was done in a very timely manner with the utmost kindness. We were pleasantly surprised when we received a few treats in our hotel room during our honeymoon trip to Ocho Rios RIU. I would highly recommend them and in the future, we will use them again 🙂
- Kayana Wright
"This is the best travel agency in I have worked with by far. Super friendly and experts at what they do. I always thought booking resorts online on my own was the cheapest. Boy Was I wrong. They will beat Internet prices while making suggestions to improve your vacation. They suggested a Blue Hole and Tubing Tour and we had the most amazing experience and little stops along the way. Expedia won't do that."
- Margo Simmons
"I have been using Jamaican Roots Travel for about 2 years now and I'm very pleased with them. They are friendly, highly efficient, and very well-informed about what they have to offers. They tried every possible combination of dates and airlines to match my requirement and called back promptly to finalize the itinerary and ticketing. They give better rates than you can find online. Even though they don’t usually book flights as a part of the service, they were willing to accommodate my request."
- Shar Mendoza
"Jamaican Roots Travel takes their time to get to know everyone of their Clients on a personal level so that they can book a vacation that greatly fits each individual. This is the second time I have booked with them. I was very pleased with the attention to detail and organization of my first trip. Everything went quickly and smoothly. They have a professional friendly staff and fantastic, prompt, and courteous Customer Service!"
- Johnathon Rhodes