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Live to Travel & Change Your Entire Life!

Hi, my name is Kim and welcome to my very first blog. The first time I ever stepped foot on a plane I was 2 years old. With each flight and each new destination, I was immersed in a new culture filled with new foods, new people, new energy and eye-opening experiences. I could have never imagined that thirty years ago when I got the first stamp in my passport it would turn into a new venture combined with my greatest passion.

I was born on the beautiful island of Jamaica, where I spent a little under half my life. I then moved permanently to Fort Lauderdale – which if you know anything about Fort Lauderdale you are pretty much still in Jamaica. After completing high school, I moved to Tampa for college; met my amazing husband, bought our first home and had a beautiful daughter who made us nickname her “The Queen”. I just run with it, because who am I to tell her any differently.

My career is in hotel software development, but my heart is on a beach somewhere with my family and friends. I am also an avid Chef and can cook pretty much anything and make you lick your fingers and come back for more. In fact, that is exactly how my husband became my husband.

This blog will bring you into my world of travel. Even though our passion is the Island of Jamaica we can plan your perfect vacation anywhere in the world. We love to travel, and we love planning travel for others even more. I will talk about some of our favorite places to immerse yourself, great places to see, and wonderful ways to experience new cultures. On top of all of that, I will share some of my favorite recipes, some common dishes with a slight twist of my own, and then some of my own creations. I will share tips and tricks so you can be amazing in the kitchen too. I will introduce you to unique places in the world and reasons to visit them, as well as the best foods to try wherever you go. We will feature interesting persons making their own societal impact. New posts will go up every other week and we may occasionally sneak an additional post of two on the site at once.

This blog is for you, the avid traveler who wants a more authentic and unique experience, and also for you the person who really wants to experience a world outside their norm but don’t know exactly where to start. Let us help you travel more and change your life by making it more varied, rich with experience, all while finding ways to satiate your hunger as well as your appetite for wanderlust. I’m Kim, and let’s experience a whole new world, together.

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